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🗣 We will be discussing: Human-Robot Interaction in Healthcare

In this panel, we will discuss the AI-driven technological advances in human-robot interaction (HRI) and their applications in healthcare. Our panelists represent robotics companies paving the way for robots in our everyday lives. How will we unlock the potential of healthcare robots to improve our quality of life?

Mike Dooley, Co-founder and CEO at Labrador Systems


Mike Dooley is a leading pioneer in consumer robotics, successfully shipping millions of robots into homes for over the past 20 years. He launched the original LEGO MindStorms product line, introducing millions of kids to robotics as well as the best-selling product in the history of LEGO. He later co-invented and launched what is now the Braava series of smart robotic mops (acquired by iRobot) and helped develop the systematic mapping behaviors used in Roomba today. In 2017, Mike co-founded Labrador Systems to introduce a new generation of assistive robots to help people live more independently. The company closed its first round of venture financing in 2019 led by SOSV/HAX, with iRobot and the Amazon Alexa Fund participating. Mike has an MBA from Stanford University and BA in Psychology from Tufts University.

Jillian Greczek, Senior Software Engineer at Catalia Health


Jill Greczek is a Senior Software Engineer at Catalia Health and implements all things Mabu, from robot code to conversational flow. Over the past year, she has been one of the primary architects transitioning Mabu’s conversation engine to the cloud, to support conversations with Mabu across multiple devices. Prior to joining Catalia Health in 2017, she was a graduate researcher in the USC Interaction Lab, where her work focused on user modeling for social robots in healthcare. She has a BS in Comput er Science from Texas A&M and an MS in Computer Science from USC. Outside of work, she likes video games, growing vegetables, and DIY home improvement projects.

Dr. Stefan Scherer, CTO at Embodied


As CTO of Embodied, Dr. Stefan Scherer was brought on to tackle the primary technical challenge: developing a fluid social interface that respects humans' natural modes of interaction, beyond transactional verbal commands, to enable the next generation of artificial companions. He leads the research and development of Embodied's SocialX™ technology, a revolutionary robotics platform that interprets natural human behavior and drives believable and empathetic robotic behavior through a combination of multimodal sensing, machine learning, and natural language processing. SocialX™ allows our robot Moxie to perceive, process, and respond to natural conversation, eye contact, and facial expressions both quickly and accurately. Prior to joining Embodied, Dr. Scherer led a successful academic career pioneering multimodal machine learning and affective computing research with applications focusing on wicked problems in healthcare (e.g., depression or suicide risk assessment) and education.

Moderator: Dr. Ross Mead, Founder and CEO at Semio & Vice President at AI LA


Dr. Ross Mead is the ****Founder and CEO of Semio, a Los Angeles-based software startup defining the way in which people will live, work, and play with robots in their everyday lives. Ross received his PhD and MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 2015, and his BS in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2007. Ross’s dissertation work focused on socially assistive robots, specifically, on the principled design and computational modeling of fundamental social behaviors (such as speech, gestures, eye gaze, social spacing, etc.) that serve as building blocks for automated recognition and control in face-to-face human-robot interactions. His research provides the foundations upon which Semio software is being built. Dr. Mead also serves on the Board of Directors for AI LA to promote artificial intelligence within the Greater Los Angeles community.

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